Pacific Contact, Vancouver Mar 29th - April 3rd.

A year ago I released Magnolia, Dramatic Gypsy Cabaret, what a journey, many great tours and collaborations, a World Music Nomination for World Album from CWMA, new arrangements for orchestra, videos on the way and so much more fun andJOY. !

I am in Vancouver this fine spring day, with a brand new website, new business cards, rack cards, postcards, banner, you name it.. about to spend a week in action with BC Touring Council in a 2 day workshop  - "On the Road", learning about the in's and out's of touring and then the 4 day conference, where I will deliver a 5 min Pitch with Adrian Dolan on accordion. "5 languages, 5 stories of love, 5 moods in 5 mins.!"  Wish me luck with booking great tours all across BC and beyond. I am bringing with me the Winter Solstice Show and Magnolia Show! Thanks to my excellent, professional team of backstage help and support!. 

Have YOU ever fallen in love under a Magnolia tree?