Cari Burdett Hosts Music & Art Summer Camp

Cari's hometown of Duncan, BC is part of the beautiful Cowichan Valley and holds to the roots of her successful music career over the past few years. The Cowichan Valley residence, Cari's original super-amazing fan base, know Cari for her small business, Lila Music Centre. It has been run out of her gorgeous forest lined property for the past decade, offering voice lessons, family music classes, vocal improvisation, choirs, and workshops.

Each summer, Lila Music Centre offers workshops, classes, and hosts a number of different teachers and mentors. This summer is no exception! Cari Burdett and Lila Music Centre present a Summer Music & Art Camp. Geared towards all ages this camp has something for everyone:

August 2-5: Children, Youth, Teens
August 8- 12: Adult and Family Camp.  

Meet this years fantastic artists and facilitators:

Cari Burdett – Director Lila Music Centre, Vocalist, Voice Teacher
Vocal Improvisation
Sense Play – Intuitive Pedagogy
Camp Choir Director

Corbin Keep – Cellist, Teacher
Creative Cello Class
Be in a Band and Rock out!
Percussion Party 

Trish Barklay – Violinist, Actor, Producer, Playwright, Teacher
Musicians’ Theatre
Free Your Inner Fiddle 

Krista Crowther – Artist, Teacher
Art with Nature

Kuan & Hilary – Capoeira
Family Capoeira for All Ages

For more information about teachers, the summer schedule, and for registration, please visit Check out all of the amazing things Lila has to offer and enjoy!