"Gracias a la Vida" Video Release

Released today, in Collaboration with Trent Freeman, is a unique and passionate music video for 'Gracias a la Vida,' from the album MagnoliaThe video was filmed by Trent Freeman, a wonderful and talented musician, who captures the essence of the music through his 'one shot' technique. The final product is the result of a full day of filming in a theatre in Mission, BC, of which this video was the very last take.  

"It was a really exciting day! We shot four videos and we will release them slowly. This is the first one I'm releasing and they're all very different. It was really thrilling to work with Trent and to create new live versions of the songs  with accordion and violin" says Burdett.

The video features the glamorous Cari Burdett- Chanteuse,  Adrian Dolan on accordion,  and Richard Moody on violin. 
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