Diving Deep into Song writing, vocal exploration and singing into the future at the Banff Centre of the Arts in a music residency.


Thrilled to be returning to Banff  Centre for Arts and Creativity for a 2 week residency.  Many of the 30 musicians here this winter are from outside of Canada, all to study and learn from each other.  Personally, I’m plunging headfirst into song writing, collaborating with my fellow musician and working with a vocal looper (voice recording sounds you make while playing them back in a repeating loop.)

Next week I will perform at The Club at Banff Centre, with a Persian born, Canadian pianist/composer and electroacoustic improviser Anoush Moazzeni and tomorrow, I will perform my original piece "Open our Hearts" with a small ensemble, at the Arts Centre in Canmore. 

I have been writing songs with the piano and guitar and learning how to use some technical gear for recording in my room. It is a great privilege and opportunity to be here, surrounded by the magnificent beauty of the Rocky Mountains, alongside tremendously talented artists. I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude and inspiration. 

his week we had the experience of learning from the gifted and generous composer/musician/conductor, Matthias Maute from the Caprice Ensemble. He has coached us and offered a lecture yesterday that blew my heart and mind open with contemplation, reflection and aspirations. 

This music residency is offered via scholarship, although additional monetary funds are needed to cover, travel airplane and bus to Banff ($725), food/lodging ($628), recording sessions/instruments etc. ($400) Any financial support would be most welcomed.  If you would like to contribute, donations may be made by:

- EFT (email money transfer) – cariburdett@shaw.ca

- PayPal- joythroughmusic@shaw.ca

- Cheque – payable toCari Burdett – 3228A Gibbins Rd., Duncan BC V9L 1G8

Thank you,