Banff was Heaven...

I was high up in the Rockies, and I swear, I could touch the sky. I was flying with the angels and the creative birds that gather from time to time. I felt like I was in my own "flock", each unique and different, yet, as a collective, we all appreciated the details of compositions, the eclectic nuances of vibratos, the phrasing of texts, the silence in between.. We had coaching sessions with three very diverse yet deeply passionate musicians who gave lectures and offered one on one sessions. We met as a group of residents and shared our works in progress, then bravely allowed and invited the entire room of highly skilled and practiced, musicians to critique, offer feedback and share what they enjoyed about the performance. We performed in Canmore and in the various halls and theatres in at the Banff Centre and premiered new works. We visited each others studios in the late hours,  and were deeply inspired by each others work, and astonished at the extreme uniqueness of each and every project and musician/composer/conductor/vocalist.. there.  We walked in the mountains, and took in the fresh air, we witnessed wild life right all around us, as we were in a National Park. We ate meals together, laughed, cried and celebrated in the Mac Lab, the Solon evening in the Leighton Colony, the Dorm... We dormed with roommates and made friends for life. We collaborated on projects, took risks, improvised and dreamt of potential future happenings..collectives, festivals, dreams, projects, compositions.... We appreciated, were moved by, inspired, floored, astonished, broken open.. by the passion and commitment each artist has that was there.. every one.. true to their art.. 

The question is how to bring some of that home.. and to keep working even, in a small way, that is reminiscent.. that is the goal. I will venture to set up more of a studio space, where I can record and capture my songs as I create, and I will commit to making space and time to develop my song writing and composing of musical ideas.. 

I am beyond grateful for every minute I had there, and for all those that helped and supported me to be there. Many people helped with my children and this is this is the most important, that I was able to trust the love from my community to take care of them, while I was away.. Blessings. Cari.

I have a few videos I will post soon. 
What did I accomplish?
6 songs outlined, with lyrics and movement.
1 new Video created a new black and white Video of "Snow", from the Album, Magnolia with videographer, Caroline Cox. 
1 mostly finished song, that was performed on my last night, made in Banff. 
Performance Collaboration with Anoush Moazzeni on Prepared Piano with Electronics. 
Performance of Open our Hearts with Vissia on piano, in BOW Valley Festival, Canmore
Performance as back up vocalist for Joanna Wallfish, new song. 
and ideas and collaborations with man others....