It's All Music - Hawaii Workshop

Hello.... from warm and beautiful Hawaii…Enjoying time with my family and resting up before 2018 takes me away on its wonderful yearly journey. 

I’m thrilled to be attending a workshop on the big island of Hawaii with master teachers Rhiannon and Laurence Hobgood starting on Sunday January 7th for the week.   Here Multiple Grammy nominee and Grammy winning pianist/composer/arranger/producer/educator Laurence Hobgood will join Rhiannon for this special, immersive week to examine and experience the connective tissue that bridges pure improvisation and song form.

I have studied under Rhiannon – Vocal Improvisation for a total of 13 years, including ALL THE WAY IN (ATWI) 2009 - one year Advanced Vocal Improvisation training (by invitation with 16 students from around the world).  It will be wonderful to work with Rhiannon again and bring back new ideas and musical knowledge to my performance and students!