Honoured and grateful for huge community of love and support.

Cari Burdett_Magnolia Crown.jpg

Thank you VIMAS - Vancouver Island Music Awards for all the nominations (Album, Artist, Vocalist and Video) and for awarding me as Vocalist of the year. WOW. Super excited that my producer and friend Joby Baker was awarded Producer of the year for our album, Magnolia!! Yipppeee.. Magical. 

I am feeling the love and support reach far beyond this little neck of the woods and I am feeling huge gratitude for all those brilliant, talented, caring, loving, generous, hard working, committed team members that have helped me along this path.

The initial visioning team - my family, my teachers, dance teachers, theatre music, opera, Rhiannon, Par Alhbom, Vocal improv, McGill, Royal Academy of Music, all the hours and hours of learning and collaborating, Montreal, London, Sweden, there are so many friends and creative souls who have touched me and offered me endless love and support, creative collaborations.. wow.. all the shows, the musicals.. its' been very rich and I am forever grateful. 

The Magnolia team is huge too: Anne Schaefer, Joby Baker, Miles Black, Quinn Bachand, Adrian Dolan, Therese Baker, Richard Moody, the touring crew - with Kelby MacNayr, Sean Drabitt, Marc Atkinson, Jody Proznick, in Montreal, Solon McDade and Chad Linsley, not to mention all the venues and presenters, and stage crew and booking agents, 

Then there is the tech crew - Lara Nowlan, Curtis Robinson, Axel Clarke, Dee McKinnee, Wendy Wall, Kim Yannick, Devon Gillott, all the press, and interviews, and radio announcers and their staff, and magazines, and ticket makers, and advertising, and Valley Voice - Sheila, and the churches, the promoters, helpers, volunteers, friends, family all the people who pre ordered and assisted in the making of the album.

The friends, the believers, and support ..Sara Marreiros, my dad, Massimo, my three amazing children, my community of students and community supportive members in and around the Cowichan Valley, Janice Pass, Stephen, Marianna, Adola, my women's group, my land and it's tribe, Cam Paulina, Mila, Karen, Marisa,... the list goes on and on and on... it's beautiful.. truly beautiful.. 

Wow really is is UBUNTU.. I am because we are. and I couldn't have done this without all of you beautiful stunning, inspiring and encouraging supportive friends,